Buckit includes features to help you figure out how much you should apply to your debt. This is obviously a very different number based on your situation and Buckit will initially suggest a number that you should be able to achieve initially.

In addition Buckit offers tools to help you quickly look at where you are spending your cash and an easy way for you to consider what would happen if you cutback on some of that spending and applied to your debt repayment plan.

You can do this in two ways, a) you look at how much you are spending per category and then target a % reduction against the whole category (for example I am going to spend 10% less on food the next few months) and add that amount to your funding. Or more specific items such as I am going to cutback 20% on my Starbucks bill to make this plan happen.

Having the ability to see where your cash is going so you can setup a realistic, yet aggressive plan is an important step to achieve success.

If you only link debt's manually (without linking your accounts) you don't have access to this feature as we can't see your spending. 

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