Once you choose to create a goal to pay down one of your credit cards Buckit will suggest a target amount to put aside every week.  Buckit will automatically target this amount and don't worry if your cash flow fluctuates, Buckit will learn this and only pull money when it is really available.

You can get to a any debt goals by clicking on Goals and then the specific goal. Below you see a goal to pay down a Chase credit card, the plan is to collect $75/wk and then pay the total saved amount at the end of the month to the credit card company. 

The overall target is to reduce the debt by $1,500 dollars. The graph shows you how much more quickly you pay down your debt vs if you didn't use Buckit. Here you pay down this debt 44 weeks faster and are expected to save over $2,800!! 

In this case it looks like we have already made one payment so far that occurred on Dec 1st.

You can further configure any goal by clicking the settings gear on the top right of the screen.

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